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22 September 2017

Official Statement No. 1

There is a group of individuals and attorneys who pretend to be lawyers of the minority shareholders of Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Co., Ltd, have used computer and notice media by using of allegations of slander to Dara Devi Hotel which is the property of the Dara Devi Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”)

We would like to inform you that Dara Devi Hotel is a Hotel Business which is responsible for serving customers and maintain reputation to be accepted by both domestic and foreign customers. The alleged assault of such individuals. The accusation was to destroy the reputation and reliability of the hotel which the accused knows that this will affect the operation of the hotel business which cannot be avoided, and the information that these groups of individuals and groups of lawyers have alleged is all false.

Such actions are false information bringing into the computer system, causing panic among the people and shareholders of the company and hotel’s customers, damaged the Hotel and the Company. The Company considers that the actions of such persons and the lawyers’ group have malicious intent to the company and Dara Devi Hotel. If such group of people does not stop, the Company will continue to consider and continue to comply with the law.