Power Plants from Biomass and Waste Disposal

Thailand is faced with an increasing volume of waste every year that causes problems to the environment. This issue has led to turn waste to be of the benefit by proper disposal and biomass energy to produce electricity.

Biomass is organic material from plants and animals such as wood chips, corn husk, bagasse, waste oil and agricultural residues. Biomass must be burned so that the heat is emitted to produce energy which is to be processed for electrical energy.

Garbage is what human dispose of and becomes waste such as plastic, garbage, tires and so on.

Waste in the country according to the PCD found that tha potential waste that can be used to produce electricity is about 262 MW. Waste power plants already in operation produce 12.54 MW. It means there is potential for waste energy that can produce electricity for about 250 MW. The key factor in the development of electricity from waste is that the rights to manage waste belongs to the local administration.